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All the Lilburne Press books on art specialize in reproducing the original painting, and then showing a modern photo of the same scene.

For example:

Below left, Camille Pissarro's painting, "Kew Gardens, Avenue of the Palmhouse", 1892.  On the right, Kew Gardens between the Palm House and the Pond, photographed in 1992. 




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Sisley on the Thames and the Welsh Coast
by Nicholas Reed 2008


Alfred Sisley produced a sequence of 17  paintings of the Thames in 1874.  They follow a trail from the Mitre Inn at Hampton Court, as far as Hampton Church.  In 1897 he returned to Britain, this time to Wales, and painted views of Penarth, near Cardiff, and on the Gower Peninsula, near Mumbles.

72pp, 81 colour illustrations,
16 b& w
ISBN 978 1 901167 20 7

   Monet and the Thames                                                          by Nicholas Reed 1998

Claude Monet came to England in 1870 and created several paintings of the lower Thames and of the London Park.  In 1899 he returned, rich and famous, and produced over 100 paintings, made from the windows of the Savoy Hotel, including Waterloo Bridge, Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament

50 pp, 33 colour illustrations                                                   4 b&w                                                                                          9.95                                                                                          ISBN

978 1 901167 06 1



Pissarro in West London: Kew, Chiswick and Richmond
by Nicholas Reed 1997

Camille Pissarro's paintings are of Kew Green and Gardens, and of Bedford Park in Chiswick.  His eldest son, Lucien, also painted Bedford Park, where he lived, and the Thames at Chiswick and Richmond.

48pp, 30 colour illustrations,
other b&w
2.50 retail
ISBN 1 901167 02 X

Pissarro in West London Kew Chiswick and Richmond by Nicholas Reed


Pissarro in Essex
by Nicholas Reed 1992

Lucien Pissarro settled in Epping in 1892, painting the countryside around him.  Later he produced many paintings around Finchingfield and Colchester.

32pp, 15 colour illustrations, other b&w
1.95 retail
ISBN 0 9515258 4 0

Pissarro in Essex by Nicholas Reed